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Restore Hormone Balance

Are you tired of being told your labs are normal, but you don't feel normal? I help women with an integrative approach to have better periods, moods, and energy so they can live vibrant lives.

Welcome To Well Woman MD

We integrate the best of conventional and holistic medicine, providing comprehensive, integrative healthcare for women of all ages.

Common Conditions I Treat

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Peri/Menopause Transition

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SIBO/IBS/ Digestive Issue

 pcos and cravings

PCOS Clinic

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PMS/PMDD/ Anxiety

ween off birth control

Period Issues



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Hey There

I'm Dr. Jennifer Roelands

Integrative Women's Health and Fertility Doctor

I am a board-certified OB/GYN physician specializing in integrative medicine as my primary way of treating women’s health.

I am passionate about educating women on the importance of a healthy body.

My mission is to show you how to create optimal wellness for yourself. By utilizing food, movement, mind-body practices, herbs, and supplements, you can reverse chronic illness and create a vibrant, energizing life full of joy and longevity!

Instead of settling for treatment of symptoms, we seek to discover and reverse their root causes.  The essence of medical care must be to promote health rather than solely treat illness. We will explore your lifestyle, biochemistry, and genetics to discover opportunities to maximize your wellness and longevity.

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We Dive Deeper Than Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine focuses on naming your condition, but Integrative Medicine is different. We know the body is an integrated system with unique history, chemistry, and genetics. We see the body as a WHOLE. We treat the underlying cause, not the symptoms. Our goal is to help you get off medications not on!

Personalized Medicine

We work with you to create a plan that you agree to. This is because we know that success can happen when participants are willing. If you need encouragement, we are here to help you achieve optimal health.


Our patients are our partners as we help them heal. Our team of doctors, nutritionists, and other staff work together to help the patient move forward to better health. We also work with your doctor.

What our patients say


Dr. Jen really listens and offers solutions to the root of the challenge. I have more energy, better sleep and my middle has started to whittle.

Anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into their challenges and be open to solutions, not just treating symptoms.

Dr. Jen really listens! If I haven't communicated something clearly, she asks for clarification. I've never felt rushed or ignored.

My stomach issues have started to improve after working with Dr. Jen.

I would recommend Dr. Roelands to any female that has concerns about her health.

Explore My Natural Medicine Blog

women's health,gynecology,fertility,hormone health,natural

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Our mission is to provide personalized, holistic care and support to heal, restore and empower women to achieve their best health.





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