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My name is Dr. Jen 

and I am an OB GYN and Health Consultant

I help busy women balance their hormones without medications so they can have peaceful periods, calm digestion, and be happy in their bodies.

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Why Well Woman MD?

I love to help women regain control of their hormone and gut health so they can understand their own unique body and how to stop feeling like they are in hormonal chaos. 

Unlike most women's health experts, I INTEGRATE nutrition and lifestyle to help balance your hormones instead of medications. 

I was like you suffering from infertility, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss from PCOS and Hashimoto's. I healed my gut and balanced my hormones and now I want to share this with you. 

This is the place to go from hormonal chaos to  healthy happy hormones, pain free periods, and calm digestion. 

I can help

As an autoimmune warrior myself, I know you have to change your nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset to truly heal. 

I will help you through health coaching address these pillars of health using my THRIVE protocol. So you can live symptom free.

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Have you ever wanted to follow a dream but were too scared to do so? Do you feel alone or like others don't get you? Do you have that voice inside that you were meant to do more? I AM HERE FOR YOU! In this podcast I will cover all things WOMAN...health, motherhood, money, you name it. 

 I am a doctor and health coach and I believe you can get a VIBRANT, healthy life they serve. I believe women helping women is the most incredible force in the universe. I will interview female experts who are bad-asses in their fields so you can learn, grow, and find your voice. So join me as I help you ignite PowHER!

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Want to be balanced without birth control or meds, my 21 Hormone Detox is for you.
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Cycle Syncing for Hormone Balance

What is Cycle Syncing? The concept of cycle syncing is to understand the hormone fluctuations in your body and to use those to your advantage. There are normal fluctuations in your sex hormones not only daily but throughout the day.  Hello, crying one minute and laughing the next.  These fluctuations can affect your performance, appetite, […]
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Clean Eating for Beginners starts with meal prep

Why Everyone Should Meal Prep One of the tips you will be given often when you look up clean eating diets is that you should meal prep. The reason this is so effective is because it is more convenient and ends up saving time, plus it really gets ahead of those temptations you might have. […]
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Natural Treatments for PCOS

What is PCOS? PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is one of the leading causes of female infertility. It is also a common problem among women, ranging from 10 to 25% of the female population are diagnosed with it. Symptoms of PCOS include: Acne Irregular Cycles PMS/mood issues Hair on the chin or belly Infertility Miscarriage Borderline […]
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