Hey Lady!

Do you feel like you spend ½ of each month (or more) dealing with symptoms related to your PCOS?

I’m Dr. Jen, I’ve been helping people with hormone-related symptoms, like yours, in the clinic for the last 15 years!

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what to do (and not do) to reverse your symptoms for good!

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"My mission is to help you gain freedom from your PCOS symptoms and feel confident in your own body."

4 Approaches That Don't Work

✔Adding another medicine for every new symptom.

✔Eating Less, dieting.

✔Working out harder.

✔Thinking the pill will reverse PCOS.

What does work

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Find the ROOT cause of your symptoms

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sexy spinach

Eating Real Food that supports hormones

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Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: Sleep, Exercise, mental health

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While the above steps can help you feel better NOW, ultimately, to solve hormone imbalane symptoms for good, you have to identify and treat the root causes.

Most women with hormone issues have several of the 7 common root causes (outlined below), that if addressed thoroughly, stop the symptoms in their tracks.

Often, women feel better after just identifying these root causes because they finally know what exactly is causing their pain.

The relief women feel when they connect a test result to the symptoms they have been feeling in their bodies is liberating.

In my 15 years of practice, I’ve seen time and time again that if we identify the sources of your hormone symptoms, we can treat them, and the issue is resolved for good.

This same approach is what I used to heal my PCOS and Hashi as well!


How I Help

60 Minute Initial Visit where we dive into your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and goals. 

Comprehensive Lab Testing: this could include nutrition testing or standard testing.

A personalized treatment plan that includes recommendations for supplements, herbs, medication, nutrition, and lifestyle options. A summary of the visit will be emailed to you so you have all of the resources you need. I can also send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.


Our mission is to provide personalized, holistic care and support to heal, restore and empower women to achieve their best health.

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