Debunking 5 Myths About PCOS

PCOS is a disorder that affects around 10% of reproductive women. It affects not only your health but your fertility as well. If left untreated, women with PCOS are more likely to develop chronic illnesses such as Type 2 DM,...

Could Your Bloating Be Linked To Your PCOS

Do you have PCOS and suffer from bloating after every meal? Many women with PCOS have digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and conditions like IBS. In fact, it has been reported that up to 40% of women with PCOS have...

PCOS and Sugar: What You Need To Know

The most common thing I hear from women with PCOS is that they are told to stop eating carbs and sugar. The reason for this is that most women with PCOS have insulin resistance. High glucose levels in the blood...

PCOS and Exercise: The Right Approach With Coach Emma

Exercise for the PCOS gal is so controversial. Do you do HIT, Yoga, cardio, what is the best? And there are a lot of opinions about this as well. So I invited a PCOS personal trainer on the podcast to...

Do toxins affect my PCOS? 8 simple ways to detox for your health

The simple answer is yes. Toxins are present everywhere, the environment, food you eat, the products you use on your body, even the paper receipt given to you at the store. While you can't eliminate everything, you can reduce the...
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